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June 4, 2015



News from the Factories (May 15, 2015)

Chemk:  Miass River has become cleaner thanks to a closed recycle water supply system 

Kuznetsk Microsilica produced by “Kuznetsk Ferroalloys” is distinguished with the quality mark

Serov Ferroalloy Plant installs new gas cleaning systems at the furnaces to make air even cleaner.



CHEMK saves Miass River: thanks to a closed recycle water supply system the river has become cleaner (5/15/2015)

CHEMK estimated advantages of creating a closed-loop water supply. Unlike many other industrial companies CHEMK does not discharge used and contaminated process water back into the river but uses continuously it in its production. The advantages are obvious – discharge water does not contaminate Miass River. This allows the already low water level river not to be drained out to get new amounts of water for the plant.

– “The plant’s closed loop water recycle supply system was started up back in 1986. For cooling of the process equipment we take water from the river only once at startup and then continuously recycle the existing process water. Now the company has two closed loop water cycles – on the lower and upper production sites. Since startup, these systems have been proven very reliable and efficient. The latest stage of modernization was finalized last year.” – said Vilguelm Guenne, the chief thermal power engineer of the plant.

According to the environmental engineers, the method of closed loop water circulation is beneficial for the environment being that contaminated water drains are not discharged into the river. Investment in a closed water cycle has immediate benefits to the environment, as well as adding efficiency, and reduced costs.

– Since 1986 Chenk has protected the natural resources of the Miass River by eliminating process cooling water discharges into the river. Our company has the following water recycle system: from pumping station water is supplied to the process units in meltshops. After being used there water is returned again to the pumping station, then cooled at cooling towers and recirculated again to meltshops in a continuous loop.”

To maintain the quality of the process cooling water the company use special water treatment stabilizers. The quality of recycled water is constantly monitored by the plant’s on-site of environmental department.

– Water treatment stabilizers control and maintain the recycled process water at optimum control standards to protect equipment from premature failures and reduce long term maintenance costs

Environmental safety remains the priority for Chelyabinsk electrometallurgical integrated plant. In recent years the company has done a lot to reduce its impact on the environment. As a part of this program the company installed environmental monitoring sensors, upgraded off-gas cleaning systems, and improved processing of slag disposal dump.


Microsilica produced by “Kuznetsk Ferroalloys” is distinguished with the quality mark (5/15/2015)

The microsilica produced by “Kuznetsk Ferroalloys” has acquired European quality mark after review by TUV auditors.

During the past several months the inspectors checked documentation, visited the plant and put their findings together. The end result was the recognition of a unique Kuznetsk microsilica which meets European standards.

Plant management is excited to say that this achievement is the result of solid fundamentals and continuous improvement in the production process.  Not so long ago the company’s achievements in microsilica production was recognized as one of the “100 best goods of Russia” (where Kuznetsk plant was recognized as the best) and with the new certificate from foreign auditors “Kuznetsk Ferroalloys” now has the right to supply microsilica to EU countries. These achievements personify Kuznetsk’s commitment to high quality products, as well as reliability and stable operation.

Additionally, microsilica from Kuznetsk Ferroalloy Plant is used as a substitute for asbestos in the production of tiles and mineral slabs, dry mixtures and as well as other construction materials. It can also be used in the production of fertilizers, in metallurgy as heater in steel casting, or as a component in the manufacture of refractories and refractory mixtures. This is truly a unique product.


New filters will make air even cleaner (May 15, 2015)

Serov Ferroalloy Plant installs new gas cleaning systems at the furnaces to make air even cleaner.

– “Startup of gas filters will significantly reduce dust emissions and decrease dust load inside the meltshops”, – says Evgueniya Simakina, the head of environmental service of the plant. – “It will also help to reduce environmental impact on air quality down to emission levels much lower than that set by the legislation.”

– “(The) gas filter will be controlled by an automated control system”, – adds Andrey Tsernikel, engineering director of the plant. – “It will help to minimize power consumption by exhaust fans and ensure efficient and safe operation of the equipment in automated mode”.

To further reduce emissions and improve air quality, the company is currently in the process of choosing a design for gas filters to be used in the furnaces and melt-blending units in meltshop 2.