Press Release

November 5, 2015



News from the Plants November 2, 2015

Kuznetsk reducing production of ferrosilicon fines

Reducing production of “fines” during melting of commercial ferrosilicon continues to be an important challenge for any ferroalloy production. Since fines are not in constant demand on the market, steps need to be put in place to reduce its production.  As a result of this, Kuznetsk has placed new controls that will help to reduce amount of fines in production.

CHEMK improves silica fume capture

The next step forward in CHEMK’s continuous environmental improvement process will be the launch of a locally sourced air system, pelletizing silica fume (i.e. dust generated during production of high-grade ferrosilicon [FeSi65 and FeSi75]).

The silica fume collected in the bag filters is a valuable material for the construction industry, especially in concrete, by making it more durable and moisture-proof.