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Proud partners with ChEMK Industrial Group, the leading ferroalloy producer in Russia, and one of the largest ferroalloy groups in the world. Exceeding 160 years in combined experience, ChEMK is capable of annually producing over one million tons of high quality ferroalloys. This extensive experience and production capacity enables us to consistently meet your quality standards and expectations.

ChEMK Industrial Group

ChEMK Industrial Group’s goal is to provide a wide range of ferroalloys, with grades that suit customer needs and competitive prices; all while simultaneously meeting modern day environmental standards.

Kuznetskie Ferrosplavy

The largest manufacturer of ferrosilicon in Russia, Kuznetskie Ferrosplavy supplies ChEMK with FeSi45, FeSi65, and FeSi75

Vladivostok Ports

Vladivostok Port can receive and process up to 360,000 tons of ferroalloys per year. The modern technical equipment allows efficient handling operations for any type of cargo.

JSC “Serov Ferro-alloy Plant”

Newly acquired, the Serov Ferroalloy Plant is one of the largest Russian chromic ferroalloy manufacturers. The annual production output exceeds 200,000 tons of marketable products. The Serov Ferroally plant is the newest addition to CHEMK’s operation.