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We are proud partners with ChEMK Industrial Group, the leading ferroalloy producer in Russia and one of the largest ferroalloy groups in the world. Exceeding 160 years in combined experience, ChEMK is capable of annually producing over one million tons of high quality ferroalloys. This extensive experience and production capacity demonstrates our ability to meet both quality standards, and customer expectations.
Furthermore, we possess an extensive network of warehouses, forwarders, port facilities, branch offices, and agency agreements that allow us to efficiently deliver products and materials across the globe. Utilizing every form of transportation, we ensure prompt delivery regardless of your location. The fulfillment of all contracts is guaranteed by our partners:

JSC “Chelyabinsk Electrometallurgical Integrated Plant”

Approximately 2,000 km from Moscow, Chelyabinsk City is at the center of Russia’s industrial region. Comprised of more than 50 structures for ferroalloy and electrode production with 35 electric arc furnaces, the plant employs over 8,000 workers and produces over 120 different types of both alloys and ferroalloys.

Enterprise Chronicle


The ferroalloy plant, the first in Soviet Russia, was built. Since that day, the industrial history of Chelyabinsk City began.


The State Commission accepted the first stage of the Chelyabinsk Ferroalloy Plant for operation.


The industrial production of the crystal silicon began.


Production of ferrotitanium begins.


Shop No. 4 commissioned for production of ferromolybdenum.


Shop No. 7 built for production for ferrosilicon.


Ferrovanadiumsilicon production begins.


Joint-Stock Company “Chelyabinsk Electrometallurgical Integrated Plant” is established.


JSC "CHEMK" acquired JSC "Marganets Komi" manganese deposit and CJSC "Vladprom" port operation.


JSC "CHEMK" acquires JSC "Kongor-Khrom".


Construction of Shop No. 6’s gas-cleaner and the second stage of Shop No. 7’s dry gas-cleaner is completed.


Construction of the second stage of Shop No. 8’s dry gas-cleaner is completed.


The construction of the gas-cleaner of Shop No. 2 is completed.


Briquetting plant of fine and dusty materials is commissioned.


New generation ore-smelting furnace No. 57 for ferrosilicon is commissioned.

JSC “Kuznetskie Ferrosplavy”

Near the city of Novokuznetsk, the Ferrosplavy factory has 15 arc furnaces for producing FerroSilicon, and employs over 3,000 workers. The Anzhero Sudshensk Deposit has supplied the plant with over 130 million metric tons of raw materials allowing it to annually produce 450,000 tons of FerroSilicon.

Enterprise Chronicle


The official birth year of the enterprise. Shop No. 1begins operation and the first tons of FerroSilicon are obtained.


Shop No. 2 is put into commission with four furnaces and the metallurgical laboratory is organized.


Two new furnaces are put into operation in Shop No. 2.


First exports of quality crushed FerroSilicon from the plant is begun.


Multi-layer casting of FeSi45, and FeSi65 at both Shops No. 1, and No. 2 are developed.


The production of granulated ferrosilicon, alloyed with manganese was implemented and production of high quality ferrosilicon FeSi70E for steel cord was started.


The plant becomes an Open Joint Stock company, with the new name of JSC "Kuznetskie Ferrosplavy".


The first automated control system for furnaces is put into place at Shop No. 2.


The "Antonovskoe Mining Administration" mining complex joins the plant.


Furnace No. 61 at "YuFZ" is commissioned.


Furnace No. 62 at "YuFZ" is commissioned.


Furnace No. 63 and the induction furnaces complex at "YuFZ" are commissioned.


Furnace No. 64 at "YuFZ" was commissioned.

JSC “Serov Ferro-alloy Plant”

Newly acquired, the Serov Ferroalloy Plant is one of the largest Russian chromic ferroalloy manufacturers. The annual production output exceeds 200,000 tons of marketable products. The Serov Ferroally plant is the newest addition to CHEMK’s operation.

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