Press Release

May 4, 2016



Updates from the plants April 8, 2016

Ferrochrome will be crushed with a new force

With a help of CHEMK, Serov Ferroalloys Plant is getting ready to re-start a jaw crusher which is designed for crushing medium and low carbon ferrochrome. The crusher is currently successfully running on test mode and is going to switch to operating mode in the coming days.

Focus on development

OAO”Kuznetskie Ferrosplavy” continues to work on developing Belokamenka (one of the largest quartzite mines in Russia) for material to be used in its ferroalloy production.  The use of the new quartzite mine will fully provide Ural-Siberian Metallurgical Company with its own high-quality raw materials and make it possible for the company to successfully develop into the future.