Press Release

August 19, 2015



Updates from the plants August 19, 2015

Emissions control for better environment

“Kuznetsk Ferroalloys” has developed a range of measures aimed to reduce high-temperature off-gases leaking to the atmosphere. Along with process improvement measures, continuous monitoring of emissions will be performed on the furnace stacks, filter stacks, aspiration systems of raw materials stockyards and crushing lines at the ferrosilicon processing plant. Thanks to these measures, the company will be able to minimize emissions, especially from closed furnaces resulting in a cleaner environment.

Dust removal facilities will make air cleaner

Serov Ferroalloy Plant continues construction of dust removal systems for the furnaces and hot melt mix units in the meltshop 2. With completion of construction and commissioning of the dust collecting units at all the furnaces, Serov plant will provide a complete cycle of off-gas cleaning. Construction of these cleaning facilities is due to be completed by the end of 2016.