Press Release

December 10, 2015



Updates from the plants December 10, 2015

Serov: No smoke, no dust

A new environmental facility will be constructed next to Serov Ferroalloy Plant with a projected in-service date of October 2016.  This facility is a modern off-gas cleaning system for the furnaces and melt-blending area in meltshop 2.

This more effective off-gas cleaning will allow for spark arresters to capture larger particles from charge materials and reprocess them in the furnace.  In addition, the external power supply will be modified to improve operation of gas cleaning facilities in automatic mode creating considerable energy savings.  Upon completion of construction and commissioning of these dust control units the Serov plant will have a complete cycle of off-gas cleaning.

CHEMK will improve Chelyabinsk environment

CHEMK continues implementation of its non-waste production concept. As a part of this concept, industrial waste is now being recycled or sold on market.

Upgrading of gas cleaning facilities in Kuznetsk plant improves the environment.

Kuznetsk Ferroalloy Plant completed the upgrading of its gas cleaning facilities in meltshops 1 and 2.  With the switch to coal as the reductant, costs as well as environmental impact has improved substantially.

As a result of this change and other upgrades gas emissions and on-site dust has decreased. The estimated reduction of emissions from tapping fumes at furnaces will be approximately 75 tons of dust per year, which in turn will result in an increase of the amount of microsilica produced.