Press Release

April 12, 2016



Updates from the plants February 29, 2016

Chemk Develops Co-Products

ChEMK’s research has developed an additional process that will place more by-products into economic & marketable co-products thanks to a new process of granulating FeSi dust generated during the ferroalloy production process. The process involves granulation of silica fume from high-grade ferrosilicon production (grades FeSi 65 and FeSi 75).

ChEMK plans to supply silica fume to domestic and international customers from the new local manufacturing facility at ChEMK.  Production flow of silica fume granules is expected to begin in the first quarter of 2016. ChEMK is pleased to produce and offer to customers products & processes that enhance the environment and benefit our community.


Steel made of high-purity alloy

Serov Ferroalloy Plant has developed the technology for high-purity ferrosilicon production.  This new alloy increases durability and reduces production cost of high-quality electrical steel.  As a result of the campaign, commercial output of ferrosilicon 75% with the required content of titanium and aluminum reached 80.2%.

In collaboration with leading process engineers of JSC “CHEMK” the experts from Serov Ferroalloy Plant continue application of the new technology in order to maximize the output of high-quality alloy of the required composition


Gas filters captured 38 thousand tons of dust

Statistics confirms that JSC “Kuznetsk Ferroalloys” achieved good performance rating during the 2015 period.  The gas cleaning equipment in the plant has captured almost 38 thousand tons of dust.  The average degree of cleaning is around 99%, keeping Kuznetsk well below permitted levels.

Throughout the year Kuznetsk Ferroalloy Plant has implemented a whole range of environmental activities. The management plans to continue working on improving the measures of environment protection and to ensure minimum harmful emissions enter the atmosphere.