Press Release

October 16, 2015



Updates from the plants October 15, 2015

New ferrochrome taken for chemical analysis

Serov Ferroalloy Plant mastered the technology to produce ferrochrome with low phosphorus content. With this new product a high level of quality control is an important requirement.  Serov has brought in the experts from CHEMK to help develop a new process which includes crushing the finished product samples.

By transitioning to this technology, quality control will be even better, and Serov will be able to introduce this new line of product with even tighter tolerances of chemical compositions.

JSC “Kuznetsk Ferroalloys” is using furnace 5 of meltshop 1 to test the quartzite from the newly mined “Belokamenka” deposit

To ensure stable supply of high-quality quartzite, JSC “Kuznetsk Ferroalloys” in 2012, received a license for additional exploration and development of a new large deposit of quartzite named “Belokamenka”.  After initial analysis, this deposit is projected to have enough reserves to last for a period between 50 and 80 years.

The first batch of quartzite from the field is already going through test production. The lot of pure raw material has been shipped in Novokuznetsk and is charged to the furnace as part of the charge mix.  According to Kuznetsk experts, during the initial stages of testing, the parameters of the furnace performance indicate that the new material meets all the requirements for production of high-quality ferrosilicon.